24 - 03 -2021

Beginner Home Workout Essentials

"Allow yourself to be a beginner"

As students living in a pandemic, we understand just how hard it is to be a beginner with workouts. But always remember to allow yourself to be a beginner, because no one starts at the top.

We have created a beginner home workout essentials list for you to get started. Keep on reading!

Lotte ter Woerds

How to start your workouts

With the beginner home workout essentials

It’s always a big step to start working out and it isn’t easy to find the best home fitness equipment. No one finds it easy. Where do you start? What materials do you need? What equipment is good for you? Can you use materials during your training? Most importantly: What is the beginner home workout essentials?

No worries. No questions asked: We have the answer for you.

Before you start

When you start with looking for the best home fitness equipment you should first look at your daily lifestyle, your physique and your goals. If your goal is to start working out regularly, this is a good thing. Your training should occur on a regular basis in order to achieve your goals. Once you have set your goals with regards to muscle gain, you can look at the materials. The best beginner home workout equipment will help you with achieving your goals. Determining goals with regards to body parts will result in you finding the best home fitness equipment.

the beginner home workout essentials

1. A yoga mat

One of the best home fitness equipment that everyone should purchase, is a yoga mat. Yoga mats ensure better training, but also add value to the comfort while working out. Here you can find an overview of the best yoga mats of 2021.

2. Weights

Once having a yoga mat acquired, you can look at basic materials such as weights. Why weights? These are the ones that you have a great variety of exercises to do with. You can do this with normal hand weights, dumbbells, but also kettle bells. This is most likely one of the best home fitness equipment essentials because of their useful handle. Here you can find more information on the kettle bells you can take a look at when you consider to acquire a kettle bell for working out or for your training.

3. Resistance bands

Probably the best home fitness equipment essential one can buy would be resistance bands. There are so many different types of ways you can include them in your training. The best part about resistance bands is that there are several levels of strength. For example, if you have been working out with the light band for 2 weeks, you can level up and start working out with the medium band. By including these in your training, you will not only train the muscles, but also ensure them to actually grow. In short: Resistance bands is definitely one of the best home fitness equipment purchase you can do for muscle growth.

4. Jump rope

And last but not least, your most nostalgic playing-outside-equipment: the jumping rope. The jumping rope is great for HIIT exercises, which lead to fat loss and ab growth. you can read more about the jumping ropes here.

in short

What you should really really consider to buy, are the following:

A yoga mat
A kettle bell
A jumping rope

They are definitely worth your money, since they are easy to use and have a broad variety of them, but also since they can be used in many ways.

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