12 - 05 -2021

Top 5 reasons why a home gym is so important

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

You don’t have to be a gym addict to be a fitness fanatic. Starting your fitness journey from home is also a very big accomplishment. Once you have found your way of working out, you can look at gym facilities nearby. Don’t push yourself to be something that you aren’t ready for. Home gyms are the best gyms for beginners.

Lotte ter Woerds

The importance of a home gym

For beginner athletes, going to the gym might be a big step. Often, this step is one that is too big to take. This is why creating your home gym is a great first step of starting your fitness journey! This article informs you about the top 5 reasons of why home workout equipment is so important. Keep on reading and find out more!

1 | Safe and Private

According to, almost 65% of woman and 36% of men avoid going to the gym because they are afraid of what other people might think. The fear of judgement about their bodies, their workouts looking awkward, their poses, weight and appearance might be unbearable for some people.

When working out from your home gym, you don’t have to worry about any of these fears. You can learn your workouts and reach your goals from your own home, at your own tempo, without anyone bothering you.

2 | Pandemic-Proof

During this current pandemic, most gyms and sports facilities are closed. Working out at your home gym is the only way of getting your desired regular exercise. You can purchase any type of equipment that you prefer and get it delivered to your house. This way, you can keep exercising without anything or anyone holding you back. The convenience of you home gym is that you work out from home. You don’t have to leave the place, you don’t have to take the kids into account. No weather or any other not-to-be-influenced factors (like pandemics) will stop you.

3 | Time efficiency

Having equipment such as machines, kettlebells, dumbbells, stationary bikes and benches, you make it easy to design personalized programs without being limited in time. A variation of gear and equipment enables anybody who wants to chance his or her body the chance to have an efficient circuit training. (A circuit training is when you perform transitional exercises with a specific rest time in-between the sets). You can design your gym the way you want to, with all the machines and equipment that you desire. No waiting for others to finish their workouts, just you doing you.

4 | Cost efficiency

A gym membership might be pricy, especially when you aren’t making optimal usage out of it. According to U.S. news, 67% of consumers that sign up for a gym membership never use it. I can confirm, with having both a brother and sister who have spent a (way too high) monthly fee for way too little exercise. At your own gym, you don’t have to pay for

  • Member ship
  • Trainer fees
  • Workout schedules
  • Vendor services (drinks or food at the gym)
  • Traveling to the place

At your home gym, you already pay for the light, gas, rent etc. The only thing you pay for is extra purchased workout equipment. However, on the long-term, this is only an investment instead of giving money away.

5 | Convenience

The overall reason for investing into your own home gym is convenience. Not only the traveling and privacy, but you can also set your equipment just how you like it. In general gyms, equipment is adjustable. (think of exercise bikes, weight lifting). You have to share this with lots of other people, of different heights, shapes, sizes and skill levels. Meaning that, you are going to spend some time with adjusting the equipment just how you like it. In your own gym, you can design it just how you like.

Also, in general gyms, many people use the same type of equipment without actually cleaning it. This is not hygienic at all. In your own gym, you have total control of how your equipment, small or big, is being cleaned.