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The dumbbell

"Train insane or remain the same"

It might be al challenge when starting your workouts with the dumbbell. However, this type of equipment is insanely versatily for your workouts. Don’t be afraid of muscle pain. “Instead of focusing on the weight of your arms going down, focus on the weight of your dumbbells going up

Lotte ter Woerds

Why the dumbbel?

Dumbbells have many benefits, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). The dumbbel benefits include the following:


Dumbbell exercises result in both inter- and intramuscular coordination, which leads to a greater level of muscle activation.


Secondly, this equipment provides two types of overload that result into muscle growth: metabolic and mechanic. Metabolic overload occurs when a muscle is worked to fatigue. This leads to the adaption of muscle cells being able to store more glycogen, which leads to muscles increasing in size. Mechanic occurs when damage by muscle contractions, which stimulates reparation and leads to the increasing of the muscle size.


Besides that, dumbbells allow you to focus on one leg or one arm at a time. And this is one way to initiate strength gains as result of using a heavy overload.


Finally, dumbbells can be used for a broad variety of exercises. Due to their size, they can be held in each hand and create a variety of movement patterns. Due to their length, standard dumbbells can be used for compound movements in one specific plane of motion.

How to use it

Best exercises to use the dumbbell are exercises with the goal of muscle building and ab growing. Remember that starting with lighter weights and working your way up is the best approach. Therefore, we have created a list of the best beginner dumbbell workouts.

Examples of workouts with dumbbells as equipment:

– Bench press

– Bicep curl

– Shoulder press

– Bent-over row

– Lunges

– Calf raises

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types of dumbbells

Dumbbells come, in fact, in a broad variety of types and shapes. This part will therefore inform you about the types of this equipment available and will inform you about the ones that fit your goal!

1. Fixed dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells cannot be adjusted. However, there is a variety of fixed weights and sizes available. For example, from 1kg to 60kg. A downside about the fixed dumbbells is that you need some space to store them, and several sets if you want to do different exercises. An advantage is that you can immediately start your workouts with them, and that everyone can, in fact, start with them immediately.

2. Adjustable dumbbells

These dumbbells are very easy to use because they have a convenient mechanism. These are, in fact, much cheaper than buying a large set of fixed dumbbells and saves a lot of space. This, since, when you set the weight and pick it up, only the chosen weight is attached to the dumbbell. As a result, one set is enough.

3. Hexa dumbbells

The name originates from the six corners that the dumbbell has. They are easy to stack and thus easy to store. Thanks to the rubber coating, they will not cause damage to floors, for example, if you let them fall or put them down too hard.

4. Dumbellset (Dumbbell with discs)

Several weight plates can be screwed onto the dumbbell, thanks to the screw bolts. This also saves you a lot of money and space. Mostly, these weights are available from 1kg to 20kg. The only disadvantage is that it takes some time to change the weights, which can be annoying during your workouts.

5. Vinyl dumbbells

This sort of dumbbell is, unlike the rest, not used for strength training, but rather for exercises that involve a lot of movement. hereby, think of zumba or aerobics. These dumbbells are often no heavier than 10kg. With these dumbbells, you add more dimension to your training. Also, due to the vinyl coating, your floor remains undamaged if it falls on the ground.

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